What we do

What is our company?

It is undeniable that the medical community is one of the organizations that invest in technology rather than advanced medical treatment techniques. Advanced and modern medical devices, such as the Ultrasoud4D, which see 3-4 dimensions of images, almost to sculpt the baby into the womb Including how to help patients That today we see pacemakers Track locations Even on the road. It is not uncommon that Blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) will play a role in the field of medicine and public health because it is a matter of high privacy finance.

At the moment, W-Capital Group Company Limited has developed Blockchain and AI systems together with the Faculty of Medicine. Khonkaen University Srinakarin Hospital and enter the Sand box (limited scope testing) for a license together with Khon Kaen province To further develop the Blockchain system to connect between small hospitals, health units, or even individual patients With a large hospital To increase the potential of patient care thoroughly Reduce congestion at the hospital And save time traveling to large hospitals as well as developing AI for maximum treatment efficiency On lower costs in the future.

Our teams

Pornnaree, MD/Chairman

  • -Medical doctor
  • -Business clinic and hospital 10 yrs.

Tanakit, CEO

  • -CEO Rubber factory
  • -CEO Fertilizer industry

Dr.Somprasong, CFO

  • -Lao Agrotech PLC.
  • -Register Capital Group USD 50 M.
  • - Revenue USD 700 M.

Wing Commander Witsanu, MD/COO

  • -Chief of surgery department Royal Thai 
  • - Airforce hospital (Sikan)

Patcharapon, MD/CCO

  • -Medical doctor
  • -CCO Easy Capital Group

Prawit, CTO

  • -CEO MobilSign Co., Ltd.
  • -Managing Director To-Be-One Technology Co., Ltd.
  • -Managing Director Atheneum Co., Ltd.


  • -VP Risk management Easy Capital Group


  • -Managing Director 888 global medicine company
  • -Consult occupational medicine many hospital

W-Group Milestones

About us

W-Group Company Limited has developed Blockchain and AI systems together with the Faculty of Medicine. In addition, we also developed the E-Money system such as Wallet, Payment, Quick Loan and Credit Card.


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