New Inventory

Expert Solution

W-GROUP has total registered capital $ 100 million, and total Revenue $ 1.5 billion. We invested on three things:

1. Finance Technology

    -E-Money: Wallet, Payment, Quick Loan, Data National Credit (NCB), and Credit Card
    -Virtual Banking
2. Health Technology

    -Big Data
3. Securities Company

What we done

Invest in OPG Tech, Palm refinery business

Palm Oil Refinery (Capacity of 10,000 MT CPO/ month)

Invest in 3 Mass Bio Power Generator business

3 Power Plants in North East
1.Sri Charoen Bio Power
2.Sri Wattana Green Power
3.Sri Wattan Thanya

About us

W-Group Company Limited has developed Blockchain and AI systems together with the Faculty of Medicine. In addition, we also developed the E-Money system such as Wallet, Payment, Quick Loan and Credit Card.


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